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In modern workplaces, office desks are considered among the most crucial furniture pieces. Therefore, this article aims to highlight the top ten office desk manufacturers globally, selected based on their reputation, product quality, innovation, and industry influence.

Top 10 Office Desk Manufacturers In The World:

  • Herman Miller
  • Steelcase
  • HNI
  • Knoll
  • Vitra
  • Haworth
  • Teknion
  • Kinnarps
  • Okamura Corporation
  • Explore workspace

The article provides a brief overview of leading office desk manufacturers to guide readers in making informed decisions based on their workspace requirements.

Let’s delve into the world’s leading office desk manufacturers together.

1.Herman Miller

Herman Miller Logo

Herman Miller Inc., founded in 1905, has a rich history of pioneering modern office furniture. Their signature office desk collections, like the “Nelson Swag Leg Desk” and “Action Office,” have set design standards. Moreover, Herman Miller is known for its robust sustainability initiatives, having reduced waste, utilized green materials, and achieved notable sustainability awards, positively influencing the industry’s eco-conscious practices.


Steelcase Logo

Steelcase Inc., established in 1912, is a pioneer in office furniture manufacturing, with a rich history of innovative designs. Steelcase offers a diverse range of office desk products, catering to various workspace needs, from traditional to cutting-edge designs. Known for introducing ergonomic seating, Steelcase’s innovations have revolutionized office ergonomics, enhancing both comfort and productivity.


HNI Logo

HNI Corporation is a leading provider of workplace solutions, comprising well-known subsidiaries such as HON Office Furniture, Allsteel, and more. Among their popular office desk brands are HON desks, known for their durability and functionality. Notable features of their products include ergonomic designs, customizable options, and sustainable manufacturing practices.


Knoll Logo

Knoll’s Legacy and Design Philosophy: Knoll Inc. excels in merging form and function, prioritizing elegance, simplicity, and innovation. Their office desks are visually striking and highly functional.

Iconic Office Desk Designs: Notable creations include the “Florence Knoll Desk” and “Saarinen Executive Desk,” setting lasting standards in office furniture aesthetics.

Influence on Modern Office Spaces: Knoll’s design ethos shapes contemporary workplaces, emphasizing style and utility harmony.


Vitra Logo

Vitra, a Swiss company, is renowned for its innovative design culture, epitomizing functionality and aesthetics. Their iconic office desk collections, like the Eames Desk Unit and the CDS System, exhibit their commitment to creating ergonomic and stylish workspace solutions. Vitra’s global reach has made it a trailblazer in modern office furniture design.


Haworth Logo

Haworth Inc. is a leading global provider of adaptable workspace solutions, renowned for its innovative office desk designs. With a strong presence worldwide, Haworth focuses on ergonomic and sustainable furniture, promoting well-being and environmental responsibility.

7. Teknion

teknion Logo

Teknion is dedicated to innovative workplace design, showcasing exceptional office desk product lines that cater to modern work environments. Renowned for their technological advancements, Teknion leads the way in creating functional and adaptive office furniture solutions.

8. Kinnarps

Kinnarps, a renowned office furniture manufacturer with a rich Scandinavian heritage, is known for its innovative and ergonomic office desk solutions. Their commitment to workplace well-being is evident through their focus on creating functional and comfortable workspaces that promote productivity and employee health.

9. Okamura Corporation

Okamura Corporation, a Japanese company with a history dating back to 1945, is driven by a philosophy of creating harmonious work environments that inspire innovation and well-being. Their unique office desk offerings combine cutting-edge design with ergonomic functionality, contributing significantly to the global office furniture market.

10.Explore workspace

Explore workspace Logo

Explore workspace Co., Ltd. was established in 2020. It is a professional office furniture company. The company is committed to designing, manufacturing and selling high -quality furniture.

The service scope includes customized furniture of commercial space and aims to provide customers with a perfect office environment solution.


This post features the world’s top 10 office desk manufacturers, showcasing their impact on office furniture design. As workplaces evolve, trends in sustainability, adaptability, and customization are shaping the industry, ensuring continued innovation and a bright future for office desk manufacturing.



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