Nordwall’s design emphasizes simplicity, which means it can tidy up storage spaces effectively, making the office environment more organized and efficient. Its design style reduces unnecessary complexity, creating a fresh and relaxed working environment, enabling employees to concentrate better on their tasks.

At the same time, Nordwall also focuses on bringing a warm ambiance to the office space. Its design not only highlights practicality but also prioritizes comfort and human-centeredness. This means that the office is no longer just a workplace but more like a welcoming home. This sense of warmth can stimulate creativity and happiness among employees, increasing job satisfaction.

In summary, this balance makes Nordwall a popular choice in modern office environments.






◆Top plate, layer plate, bottom plate 25mm
◆MFC sheet can be selected
◆Press the drawer
◆The drawer adopts three-section silent buffer rail
◆External sliding door
◆Adjustable feet can be adjusted 3-5mm




Materials & Finishing Options

Melamine/Laminate/Veneer/Solid wood

Color Options

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