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E.W. is committed to providing you with a one-stop solution, from planning comprehensive personalized office space solutions to implementing wholesale office furniture, aiming to save your time and costs.

Construction and Installation

We provide comprehensive construction and installation services, including space renovation and custom furniture installation.

Planning and Design

Collecting client requirements, creating floor plans, and providing 3D renderings.

Furniture and Decoration

Providing personalized custom furniture, recommending high-quality materials, and designing suitable color schemes.


We promise to ensure the safe and reliable transportation of your goods through professional packaging and dependable logistics partnerships.

Pre-sale Service

  • Best Cost Solutions
  • High Reliability
  • Best Office Space Solutions

Sale of Service

  • Quick Turn
  • Fast Response

After-sale Service

  • Quality Tracing
  • Fast Response
  • 5 Year Warranty

Services Provided

Office space planning and design

including planning and design of the layout, process and functions of office space to ensure the best workflow and space use.

Interior design and decoration

including the design and decoration of elements such as walls, flooring, ceiling, furniture, lighting, etc. to create a beautiful and comfortable office environment

Furniture selection and customization

Assist customers to choose the right office furniture, and sometimes provide options for customized furniture to meet specific needs.

Color and material consultation

Provide professional advice on color matching and material selection to create a harmonious office environment.

Green and sustainable design

For the principles of sustainable development, environmentally friendly materials and design strategies are recommended to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact.

Technical integration

Integrate advanced technology and equipment, such as intelligent lighting and intelligent control systems to improve the function and convenience of office space

Project management

Manage the entire design and construction process to ensure that the project is completed on time and budget

Visualization and simulation

Use computer -aided design (CAD) and 3D modeling technology to provide visual effects and virtual roaming to allow customers to better understand the final design effect.

Consultation and strategy planning

According to the customer's business goals and needs, it provides professional suggestions on office space strategies and planning.

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