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What is an officie pod?

Elevate your workspace: Experience focus and comfort in your own office pod today!

An office pod is a small, soundproof workspace designed for individual or small group use within an office setting, providing a private and focused environment in the midst of open office layouts.

The advantage of office pod

Ventilation Fans

Regular ventilation ensures healthy breathing, boosting brain vitality, happiness, & efficiency at work!

Power Outlets

Two outlets keep you powered up for every charged work session.


The LED light, helping you stay energy efficient.

black office phone booth

Sound Insulation

PET acoustic panel and 11mm laminated glass to reduce out office noise.

environmentally friendly

Integrated ceilings and custom carpets made from environmentally friendly materials.

Customization options

Customize tables and chairs to suit your needs.

Personal Series

Single person office pod

The office pod can be placed around the office in the workplace or home to increase focus and productivity.


One pod with multiple uses and complete functions.Flexible space to help you stay away from noise.


  • Single rest cabin
  • Reading booth
  • Office privacy booths
  • Phone booth

6 Type of single office pod


  • Size
    OUTER:W950*D950*H2200mm INNER:W820*D820*H2070mm
personal series series-solo a

Solo A

  • Size
personal series series-relax


  • Size
personal series series-solo B

Solo B

  • Size
personal series series-live


  • Size
personal series series-solo plus

Solo Plus

  • Size

Muti-Person Series

Muti-Person Office Pod

The series soundproof compartment, while providing you with noise, can also be easily expanded to larger sizes to meet a variety of customer needs.


Larger and wider space can accommodate more people,Bigger items meet more uses and bring more comfort Suitable experience.


  • Live broadcast room
  • Piano room
  • Recording studio
  • Brainstorming room

4 Type of Muti-Person office pod

muti-person series-cowork


  • Size
    OUTER: W950* D950*H2200mm
    INNER:W820* D820* H2070mm
muti-person series-talk plus

Talk Plus

  • Size


  • Size
muti-person series-meeting


  • Size

The Best Office Furniture Manufacturer

If you are looking for a professional Office Pod manufacturer to enhance your office space, Explore workspace  has all your needs covered.

Why choose an officie pod?

Choosing an office pod is like hitting multiple birds with one stone: you get privacy, flexibility, noise reduction, better collaboration, comfort, branding options, cost-effectiveness, and improved health and safety. It’s a modern workplace solution that ticks all the boxes, offering secluded spaces for focused work, cozy corners for team brainstorming, and a budget-friendly setup that keeps everyone happy and healthy.


Compress Space


Save Time


Increase Work Efficiency


Customer Satisfaction Rate

Office Pod Manufacturing

Components of office pod

Office Pod Materials

Quick installation

Green cycle


How to Make an Office Pod?

Custom Office Pod

Applications of office pod and Their Reasons

Office pods are versatile devices widely used in modern workplaces, providing various functions such as privacy, concentration, temporary meetings, promoting health, enabling flexible work, and addressing noise issues.

They are essential for meeting the demands of contemporary office environments, aiming to enhance efficiency and improve the overall employee experience. Within these pods, employees can engage in private phone calls and video conferences without disturbing their colleagues. They also offer flexible solutions for impromptu meetings, eliminating the need to book large conference rooms.

Additionally, the diverse sizes and color options of office pods cater to different office settings and requirements, ensuring suitability for various needs.

office pod in office space

Your Reliable Office Furniture Manufacturer

Explore Workspace is a well-known provider of office furniture and office space solutions in China. We specialize in creating customized office pods designed to meet your specific needs. With us, you can get high-quality office pods at very reasonable prices. At Explore Workspace, we provide solutions to all your office furniture needs. Feel free to contact us anytime to learn more.


Office pod can reduce a significant amount of noise depending on their design and materials. Generally, high-quality ones can effectively lower noise levels by 30 to 50 decibels, creating a relatively quiet work environment.

Explore workspace’s office pod primarily use acoustic panels made from recycled PET plastic bottles. These panels are eco-friendly, versatile, and decorative. They’ve been tested by TUV for sound insulation, proving to reduce noise effectively by up to 40%.

Curious if Explore workspace’s office pod are suitable for your company? Contact us for solutions!

The main functions of office soundproof booths include providing sound insulation to reduce external noise interference, offering privacy so employees can focus on work without distractions from the surrounding environment, and creating a more flexible workspace within the office.

Are you struggling to concentrate in a noisy workspace? Explore Workspace soundproof booths might be the solution you need! Contact us to find out if our soundproof booths are suitable for your noisy work environment and discover a better way to focus.

Choosing the right office pod for your office involves considering several factors such as budget, space size, desired soundproofing effectiveness, and comfort. It’s best to select a brand and model that meets your office’s needs, ensuring its soundproofing capabilities and features align with your requirements.

Explore Workspace is dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality and most cost-effective office pods. We offer options for both single-person and multiple-person systems, with a variety of color choices available for customization according to your company’s needs.

The best way to determine which product suits you best is to give it a try. Contact us now to get started!

Considerations when choosing an office pod include size, layout, acoustic properties, ventilation, lighting, aesthetic appeal, budget, and compatibility with existing office furniture and infrastructure.

The installation time of office pod depends on their type, size, and the experience and efficiency of the installation team. Generally, small office pod may take a few hours to install, while large and complex ones could take several days.

The features of Explore workspace office pod include quick installation, eco-friendliness, flexibility, and reusability. This means not only saving time during installation but also being environmentally friendly. Their flexibility allows for a wide range of applications. If you’re interested in adding an office pod to your workspace, feel free to reach out to us.

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