Acoustic Solutions

E.W.'s acoustic solutions encompass The Space, Wallcovering, and Ceiling, with a special focus on providing clients with outstanding acoustic performance.

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What Are Acoustic Solutions?

E.W. Acoustic Panel is a decorative panel substrate offering improved acoustic performance with a fabric like finish. It is a direct response to ecological sustainability and environmental quality requirements facing contemporary interior design and fit out.

E.W. Acoustic Solutions based on E.W. PET acoustic panels, absorb interal and extemal sound influences reducing the noise level in a room. People feel more comfortable in the environment,being able to converse freely, experience better speech intelligibility and don’t have to fight to be heard.E.W. offers all of these benefits in a range of colors and applications,sure to enhance your space.

Product Category

Polyester Acoustic panels
Deta for Polyester Acoustic panels













Office Acoustic Application

In an office, the acoustic design of the room affects the staffs health and productivity. If we are subjected to a lot of noise,we get stressed out and fatigued.A bad acoustic environment in an office is often caused by a reverbe rant time that is too long in relation to the size and functionality of the room. The same problem can be found ina number of other environments as well, such as schools,restaurants,meeting halls and so on.The current trend with big open spaces, straight parallel walls and glass surfaces creates unpleasant sound reflections.In these cases, it is importantto ” help” these surfaces in the best way possible to create a pleasant acoustic environmentin which the staff can stay both creative and focused.

Office Acoustic Classification

yellow desk divider for office acoustic solution

Effortless Sound Absorption with Customizable Desktop Inserts

  • Engraving Desk Screens
  • Engraving Insert Desk Screens
  • Embossed desk screens
  • Fabric Wrapped Desk Screen
Movable white board with acoustic screen

More Size& Color can be customized

A mobile screen with a writing surface.PET panels as core material.Writing board on one side . The other side is composed entirely of fabric.

free standing screen for office acoustic solution

More Size& Color can be customized

  • Engraving Free Standing Screen
  • Engraving Free Standing Partition
  • Fabric Wrapped Free Standing Screen
  • Fabric Wrapped Free Standing Screen with Zipper
Hanging baffle for office acoustic solution

More Size& Color can be customized

Whether as a single elementor suspended in series,the acoustic hanging baffle offer all variants for spacial and acoustic improvement.

single cubical workstation

More Size& Color can be customized

  • Flower work station
  • C shape work station
  • Square work station
  • S shape work station
  • Standard work station
Telelphone pod with acoustic screen

Sound-absorbent wall booths are ideal in environments where there is an occasional need for a quiet, isolated area.

  • Flooring Sound Booth
  • Hanging Sound Booth

Interior Acoustic Application

Expased to an increasing information overload, the need for undisturbed spaces is greater than ever. Every interruption costs time and focus.With acoustics interior designs we form sedluded workspaces needed for full concentration and productive focus,E.W.acoustic wall covering is 100% polyester and designed to be used as an interior surface linning in commercial or residential spaces to help reduce noise reverberation.High acoustic performing and aesthetically pleasing,E.W. wall covering and ceilling products are ideal for sound control in open plan areas such as offices, call centers and schools,commercial spaces.

Interior Acoustic Classification

Theater Acoustic Application

One of the best ways to improve the sound of the theater,multi-media room, or game environment is through strategic placement of acoustical treatments.E.W. PET acoustic panels has made decorating your screening room and improving the sound quality a breeze.

Theater Acoustic Classification

small theater acoustic solution
Data for Low frequency sound absorbing panels
big theater acoustic solution
Data for full frequency sound absorbing panels

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find an answer here, please contact us via email at marketing at

Acoustic panels are sound-absorbing materials that reduce reflected sound and control reverberation. They typically consist of porous materials designed to absorb sound waves and improve overall acoustics

Ceiling treatments, such as acoustic ceiling tiles and clouds, help control sound reflections, reduce reverberation, and improve overall speech intelligibility in office spaces.

No, acoustic solutions can also help mitigate external noise entering the office. Soundproofing measures, such as acoustic windows and doors, can be employed for this purpose.

Yes, many acoustic solutions come in a variety of designs, colors, and textures to complement the office decor. There are stylish options such as decorative acoustic panels and fabric-covered wall systems.

Various Customized Professional Services

Our ceiling system designs not only prioritize acoustic efficiency but also consider the integration of lighting, ventilation, and other systems to achieve comprehensive spatial optimization.

If you have any further inquiries or require professional consultation regarding our acoustic solutions, please feel free to reach out to us.